4 things that have made me exceptionally happy this week

So they say to keep a successful blog you have to keep your audience captivated and actually blog. As you all know I don’t lead an exciting or busy life and anything truly exciting I want to talk about I can’t because it’s a secret…
Just thought I’d share my top 4 (couldn’t even find five *sigh* things) moments that have made me happier than they really should. ENJOY
1) Saturday night- so I got to go out for the second weekend in a row (shock horror). Not your typical Saturday night out, had a meal at La Tasca with 17 other girls, caught up and bitched about guys then went to my cousins where we watched football and funny/cute videos e.g a man being tasered and screaming like a girl and the cute little animal with the big eyes from Madagascar (still waiting to find out what its called) sat eating…’nawww.  Simple but nice!
2) Cheesecake – I was waiting for Pretty Little Liars to come on and decided I wanted something sweet even though it was late. Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my deserts. They don’t usually last in my house so when I opened the fridge to find vanilla cheesecake unopened no jokes I let out a little scream then decided to tweet my happiness, yes I’m one of those. That is honestly one of the highlights of my week. Tasted so nice!
3) ‘How was your day?’ – I’m sat getting on with some work which I really can’t be arsed with when I get a text simply asking how my day was. You know when something happens that makes you smile uncontrollably every time you think about it? Well this was one of those moments. Obviously who it’s from has a huge factor e.g I wouldn’t be so happy someone had actually thought about me if it was my brother, my mum on the other hand maybe but still not as happy or excited.
Finally, thought I’d save the best till last
4) MADRIDDDDD – My ginger ray of sunshine (Callum WIllis), the reason I started blogging today informed me this June we’re going on holiday to Madrid. This holiday is long over due to be quite honest. I’ve already started planning what to buy and how often I’m going to exercise. To top it all off not only does that mean I break up from school more than a month early it also means when I get back if my interview goes well I’ll have a full time job for 6 weeks that’s pretty well paid!
As you can tell I’m so easily pleased in life, give me some chicken, footy, a lift, some desert and I am one happy girl!

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