I know I shouldn't BUTTT…

Ever found yourself doing something you know you really shouldn’t? It’s so appealing and exciting that you’re willing to take the risk of getting caught and suffering at the hands of someone.

Slowly you find this ‘thing’ to be a guilty pleasure even though in reality you don’t want it that much. It can be anything from having a bit of chocolate to getting involved with someone/something that you know you should keep away from yet you find yourself being pulled back like a bit of iron to an MRI machine (that’s going to have an intense magnetic force) or like someone’s holding an unloaded gun to your head but only you and the person know that… You know it’s only going to end in tears (your tears) so why do it?

Me and Chelsea ended up on the same topic after we’d been talking about a girl that kissed another girls ex when she knew she probably shouldn’t have. We ended up swapping stories on being places we shouldn’t have been and being with people we shouldn’t have been with. Each had something in common, they were fun and exciting but some really weren’t worth the risk.

Funny how every time said thing involves another person and you decide you’ll give in at some point to why not not now the other person suddenly disappears. It’s like you’d never even talked so then you decide it’s really not worth the effort or time it’s taking. Then suddenly it’s like they can read your mind and refuse to let you say no to them, kind of like the gun more than the MRI machine this time. This is a time I like to call the ‘bull shitting period’ where a person will be really sweet and seem to take an interest and care thus making you extremely jolly and deciding no one can do you any wrong.

People are smart of course you’re going to fall for it. If you want something to happen you’ll accept it any way it’s given to you. You’ll even find yourself caring more about something you wouldn’t have given a second thought to at the beginning. Everyone has a motive and some people just like to be in control. All it takes is a bit of self control. Then again most people don’t have self control. Maybe now’s the time to practice at least before you find yourself getting so annoyed you end up acting like a pre-madonna  annoyed by irrelevant things or people that don’t actually mean anything to you.

Save yourself the tears, the prize really isn’t worth the chase!

P.s. listen to Yasmin – 5 Minutes (quite a song)

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