Leap year – the 'perfect' guy

As we all know today is February 29th meaning it’s a leap year also meaning it’s the one day every four years women have permission to propose. I actually wonder how many women proposed and how many were successful. Personally that’s something I couldn’t see myself doing. Don’t get me wrong if you want to take control then good on you but you have to wonder, if he hasn’t proposed there’s a reason. That reason probably being you hardly know each other and you’re a stalker or he isn’t ready.
Never say never I guess. Although I think the ring should go to the woman and the guy should be on his knee making some romantic gesture women who propose have balls. It got me wondering what kind of man would make a woman propose. He would have to be pretty darn special. This reminded me of an article I read in some soppy magazine about true love or some crap. Long story short a man and woman wrote a list of the 10 things that would make the perfect partner, they met she told him about this list and how he ticked it all, he took her on some drive, stopped in the middle of the desert (I’d be a bit freaked out to be honest) and dug up this letter and a little box. Basically he said if he ever found a woman that ticked all ten boxes he’d propose. They are now married with kids…
After reading this I told my friend Anna, we had a little joke about it and it got us wondering what we actually look for in a guy. My list was:
1) He has to be at least a bit good looking. Yes its mostly about personality but looks are needed too.
2) Has either stubble or dimples (both is a bonus)
3) Funny – if you’re funny you don’t need to tick half of these boxes…
4) Up for a real argument. A bit odd I know but sometimes a bit of passion is needed. Nothing is ever smooth and prefect so get it out. Frankly I just like to argue and win…
5) Can play an instrument or sing – guys that can sing or play the guitar or piano hmmm
6) Smart – not overly smart but not a dumb ass. It would be nice to have a variety of stuff to talk about
7) Good dress sense – if he can’t dress himself lets hope he can sing or has stubble or both!
8) Gentleman – a bit of chivalry never hurt. You want her to get in the kitchen? Well open a door.
9) Isn’t tight with his wallet – Not saying he should spend all his money on me, I’m all for equality and usually like to pay for myself which means I’d also spend my money on him but who doesn’t like gifts once in a while? I’d be happy with a square (marshmallow and rice crispy thing that’s actually a rectangle) from the corner shop!
Well I didn’t have a 10th so I literally just made this up now
10) Someone easy to talk to – can’t imagine being with anyone I couldn’t talk to about anything. I like to complain a lot and if something is nagging me I have to get it out. Can’t be doing with someone that’ll just keep quiet
Don’t worry I don’t actually believe I could ever meet anyone with all of those attributes but if it did ever happen I wouldn’t complain. A few of those would be good though!

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  • marcmarrs

    Chikumo; Nice post. Today is my birthday and I am glad that I haven’t run into Sadie Hawkins yet. Leap year guys are not a dime a dozen be careful in your selection, you can only get rid of a bad apple once every four years. Take care.
    Always Marc Marrs

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