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My exciting week!

I’ve had a pretty exciting week! It all started when I checked and found this (you’ll have to refer to the gallery for each relating picture when you read a paragraph)…

I was sat with my brother Mulenga at the time when I saw my picture. I screamed, shouted and run around the living room for a while whilst being judged by my little brother because my dad was on the phone and I was making too much noise. Lets be honest, he’s just jealous he isn’t on a website.

Next I spent the day with my mum, auntie and a family friend Louise at Mwila’s kitchen party (another family friends daughter). A kitchen party is like a traditional bridal shower. It’s the first one I’ve been to and it was so much fun! My auntie then dropped me off back at my flat so I could change my shoes (I wore heels all day and never took them off. I’m doing alright at being a girl, woooooooop) then straight back out for a meal and a night out with my brother, my cousin muma and his friend. Even though I was the sensible one who left early I can honestly say it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had! We won’t ,mention how my dad picked my brother up at the end of the night but never picks me up (favourite child. Lol as if, course I’m the favourite)… I’m really close to my brother and cousin but you know how you have inside jokes and dances with your siblings behind closed doors? Well we got to do it all on the night out. The music just made embarrassing ourselves fun!

Next came the Sheffield City Business Awards  at Ponds Forge where I was invited as part of the MADE festival. I got to see people I met through networking last year, I had the chance to network and I was even able to meet potential investors! It was a lovely evening. I loved the networking, I had lovely food and people kept buying me champagne (it even tasted nice ha)! As lovely as all that was, the highlight of my night was meeting Nick Hewey from The Apprentice. You know, Lord Sugar’s right hand man!!! Me Nick and Suzanne (she’s awesome) from the BE Group (who are organising MADE) had the best selfie ever. No one will ever beat it in my opinion! It was just one of those surreal nights where you wake up the next day and think it was a dream. We talked about The Apprentice, Luisa Zissman and I told him all about my businesses and my future plans. He actually seemed interested!!

Finally came Mwila’s wedding after party. I got ready in less than half an hour just to get there and wait around for about an hour (black people are always late) which wasn’t great but the night was pretty great. I spent the night with my mum, auntie, uncle, cousins Muma and Mweemba and I met Mweemba’s girlfriend for the first time (she’s lovely). It’s very weird and I didn’t think I’d be saying this so soon but I absolutely love nights out with my mum (and family in general) because it’s just funny and we’re like friends now! I even got up and danced! Growing up sucks most of the time but this week it was so much fun, especially when my auntie kept picking out girls that my cousin should date all because she thought they were good looking and would have promising jobs, obviously momma knows best haha.

I’ve left out a few more exciting things but if this is what my summer is going to be like I’m certainly not going to complain! You’ve got to wonder though, things can’t stay this great for this long, something is going to happen soon. Sods law…

Have a lovely week!

P.s. I’m going to try and upload a blog every week then it will be bi weekly like I said.

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