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Sometimes you've just got to live a little

So I made a huge decision by resigning from one of my jobs! Let me tell you why…
You have ONE life. In that one life you spend years in school. School turns into college. College turns into uni/work. Either way, you eventually end up working 5 days a week in a job you complain about all the time waiting for the weekend which then flies by.
You get out what you put in and I couldn’t support that saying more! My problem however, is that I’ll spend 50-80 hours a week working really hard (normally for someone else) and making myself ill because I’m always trying to push myself to achieve more. Once I get ill though, I can’t do anything and what’s the point in that?!
This summer, I want to work on my business and live a little. I don’t want to get to a point where I’ve settled down, have responsibilities and then start to have regrets. There is a lot we can do with our lives. Yes we have to work and we should work hard but it’s also important to find a good balance.
I LOVE to sing! I sing when I’m sad, happy or bored! I’ve had a guitar for at least a year. It was bought as a present because I wanted to play and sing but I’ve not done anything with it. I want to teach myself how to play the guitar or pay for lessons. Not only will it be another thing to add to my list of talents when I’m applying for jobs or whatever else but it will show me how disciplined I can be.
I really want to travel. I’m currently saving up for a nice big holiday but in the mean time I’ve decided to say yes to going to more places. The UK has beautiful places. I’ve been here most of my life but I’ve barely seen any of it. I went to London for the day earlier in the week and it was fantastic. I’ve been a few times but I’ve never really appreciated it. Being able to spend the day with one of my closest friends that I barely get to see made it even better! I’m starting small. I want to visit places like Dublin, Newcastle, Manchester and Dundee by the end of the summer. This way I get to see the cities but I also get to experience great nights out!
I’ve also decided to go to more concerts. Before this year I’d only seen Rizzle Kicks. I’ve now also seen Hozier and Adele who were amazing and I will be going to see Beyonce next month which I can’t wait for!! I also plan on seeing people like Stormzy, MNEK and Tori Kelly.
Finally, I’ve also started making more of an effort to see the important people in my life. Sometimes it’s hard to sync schedules but it can be done! I’m currently sat writing this blog in Vodka Revolution watching my brother at work whilst they train on the bar. If we tried to wait till we were both free I’d probably go another two weeks without seeing him. This way I also hopefully get free cocktails!
These may all sound like really small, irrelevant changes but it’s unbelievable how these little changes can have such a massively positive effect on your life. I’m growing as a person. I’m driving to places like London! The thought previously would have petrified me but I now know whether I drive, fly or go by train, I can navigate my way around most places. I may still complain but for once I’m actually finding a good work-life balance!
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If something is making you unhappy in your life change it! It’s your life and you only get one so why don’t you just live a little!

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