Calling all foodies – Bob and Berts

Happy New Years guys! 
I’m a big foodie which means I’m always eating and going out for food. Being a student means I want the best food at the cheapest price and being in a relationship means I want quirky romantic places that won’t break the bank so I thought I’d try a different style of blog this year. I’ll write reviews of the different places I will or have visited in both Sheffield and Belfast which will hopefully give you ideas on where to go.
For the first blog I thought I’d start with one my favourite places in Belfast,  Bob & Berts.

Bob and Berts is a new cafe on Stranmillis Rd which just happens to be down the road from uni. In terms of value for money I LOVE this place! 
I first started going for cups of tea on my way to uni. A large tea is £1.50 which is an absolute bargain when compared to places like Sinnamon which is just a few doors down and charges a bomb for a smaller cup. 
Buying teas turned into buying cake, of course! I initially thought their carrot cake was lovely but a little dry until I realised it was gluten free. As someone who’s worked with gluten free cakes, I have to give them props. I’ve tried some pretty terrible gluten free cakes but this one was lovely! It looks like they have many home made cakes which I will definitely be trying.

They have a wide selection of fresh food from cakes, to bagels and salads. I’m still yet to go there for a main meal but I’ve now been twice in as many weeks for breakfast, both with friends and for a romantic breakfast. I know I should try different foods but their breakfast waffles are just amazing and super cheap at £4.95! I’m one of those picky people that will only have egg whites and they handl that very well. 

With Bob and Berts being new, they have a staff that are clearly still being trained so they’re have been a couple of times I’ve had to prompt staff on what to do. I’ve been a waitress so I’d never be pushy but there are some customers that aren’t always patient. However, saying that, the managers in Bob and Berts are great. If something is up they notice straight away and their customer service is great. 
My ratings are as follows…
Value for money – 7/10
Atmosphere – 7/10
Choice (in terms of food) – 8/10
Overall Bob and Berts gets 7.5/10
I love Bob and Berts because all round, it’s a great place with a lovely atmosphere and with a great selection of foods. I’ll definitely be back!

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