Calling all foodies – Kitch 

When I moved to Belfast (September 2016) Kitch was just opening on Dublin road. I remember walking past on the way to uni thinking it looked like a lovely place and I’d love to go but somehow never got to it.
Fast forward 4 or so months to mine and Sean’s date night. We had planned to go somewhere else for food before going to the Dublin road cinema but we ended up running late so we thought why not try Kitch.
We were greeted by what I believe is the owner who was absolutely lovely. If he wasn’t the owner credit to the guy because he spoke about the place with such passion. 
 Kitch is very quirky and cute with great customer service. The restaurant looks like the kind of place you’d expect to pay quite a bit of money for food but it turns out they do an early dinner discount type thing where two people dine for £20! 
There are also a lot of vegetarian and vegan options which you don’t always find so for those of you that struggle to find good food you should definitely check it out! 

You get the choice of 3 starters which means the main meals are £5 each! For our starters we picked Korean style chicken wings, potatas bravas and breaded chicken. The portions were pretty big but we (mainly Sean) managed to eat it all. It was lovely! 

For mains Sean got mini pulled pork sliders with home made chips and I got chicken in a creamy type sauce. Now, I’m not normally a chicken breast fan but I absolutely LOVED my main! Sean’s was so nice I finished his too! 

We decided to share a dessert. My fail safe is always a brownie. This brownie had lots of nuts in which I’m not a huge fan of so I was a bit disappointed but it was nice a gooey and the ice cream was very nice too.
Overall the night cost £45 for two starters, two mains, dessert and a full bottle of wine! Absolute bargain! 
My ratings are as follows…
Value for money – 9/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Choice (in terms of food) – 8/10
Overall, Kitch gets a 8.5/10

I love Kitch, mainly because I expected to pay way more whether the food was good or not. The fact the food was good, the place was perfect for a date night and the service was spot on too makes it even better. I would recommend Kitch to anyone looking for something a bit different whether you have a family or not. 

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