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So your partner annoys you, that’s OK!

(Pictures by Melissa Pushelberg)

All any of us wants is the perfect relationship. We want to be happy, laugh and love like we’ve never loved before. Here’s the thing though, life isn’t perfect and neither is your relationship as I’ve previously touched on in another blog (Instagram love vs real life love). When you think about it, you’re not so perfect so you can’t expect them to be. So they annoy you, that’s OK!

For months, me and Sean agreed on EVERYTHING. Our opinions on people, what to eat, where to eat, how to talk to each other etc. He would have done anything and everything for me and butter wouldn’t melt! Then, one day BAM! We had our first argument and everything changed. Ever since then, we’ve had our fair share of arguments and we’ve really had to adjust to the new dynamics of our relationship. All the things we loved about each other when we first met e.g. independence and being strong willed became the things that annoyed us about the other person.

Stupid things annoy me like how he gets the toothpaste out from the middle or how he’ll tell me that he’ll be somewhere at a certain time or that he won’t be long and an hour later I’m still waiting. I’m a stubborn person but Jesus, have I met my match. I’ve gotten a taste of what I must come off like to other people!

Like any other couple we’ve had our ups and downs. Don’t get me wrong, toxic arguments that occur more often than not are a sign to anyone in a relationship that they should be worried, but the odd tiff here and there can be healthy and here’s why.

  1. It shows you care
    Think about it, would you be arguing with someone if you weren’t bothered? No…
  2. You’re still willing to try
    Yes, sometimes you may try to communicate and it can come out in the wrong way, leading to an argument, but you’ve tried to voice your concern over something that clearly matters to you. Better to take the first step than to let it fester and make your relationship worse.
  3. The spark may not have died out just yet
    All that passion you use to argue is still passion. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this but there are times Sean will be having his rant and although I’m super annoyed, I look at him and think how good looking he is. All you need sometimes is to redirect all the emotion into something else.

    When I look at me and Sean, a few things are clear. We agree on what we want out of life even though sometimes we may be at different stages. Even to this day, we are inseparable. The only time I’ve gone without seeing him is when I’ve travelled back to Sheffield.

    Yes, we have our separate lives and friends but from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, we’re always chatting, whether that’s snap chats, essay texts or actually being together. I love him and he loves me. There’s no one else I want to spend my time with.

    Life isn’t simple and trying to create a perfect world can sometimes send you over the edge. It’s okay to admit that sometimes you need alone time or that your partner is p*ssing you off. It doesn’t mean you love them any less and it doesn’t mean your relationship is coming to an end.


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