Albayram Jewellery

This weeks blog is dedicated to Albayram Jewellery which is run by a good friend of mine! The business was opened last year, is based on Edgware Road in London, England. It’s a family run business with over 12 years of jewellery experience in selling, buying and jewellery design. ​​   Basically, the business deals with all thingsRead more

Visiting Edinburgh

I had my first trip outside of Belfast with Sean earlier this month. We went to Edinburgh, Scotland for four days and three nights. Sean booked the tickets before Christmas as a surprise but he’s a typical man and didn’t shop around for plane tickets. Altogether, the plane tickets cost nearly £200 and we flewRead more

Introducing a non-black boyfriend to your African parents 

“Dad, I want you to meet my boyfriend. Oh and by the way, he’s white…” So apparently this is a thing. People live in societies where they have to point out the race of their spouse when introducing them to their parents or won’t even introduce their spouses due to colour and I find thatRead more