So they say to keep a successful blog you have to keep your audience captivated and actually blog. As you all know I don’t lead an exciting or busy life and anything truly exciting I… View Post

As we all know girls are indecisive and like to moan about practically everything. I’m no different. Here’s just a few things that have recently nagged me. Enjoy! 1) Guys that don’t believe girls can know anything… View Post

Whilst getting ready for a night out for the queen of reems (Natasha) birthday me and Bilqis got into a deep conversation on heaven, hell, curly hair and what makes people do bad things (we’re… View Post

Valentines day is looming which means every single person is being forced to remember they are alone and unloved, haha just kidding someone out there loves you (might be me) so turn that frown upside… View Post

So today’s blog is a special request funnily enough from a guy and a girl (IKR look at me getting requests!) What women want and what women need are two very different things! I’ll be honest… View Post