You know one thing I can’t understand? I don’t understand how people find it so hard to be straight forward and honest. Obviously sometimes the truth hurts but you’ll find that half the time you… View Post

I was listening to Hirsty’s Daily Dose (on Capital FM) this morning and they read out an article on how gossip can help the wider society. Apparently it’s good for your health as it lowers… View Post

I was sat revising for my psychology test tomorrow when I realised what I was revising is quite ironic as I had spent the afternoon talking about the same topics. (Obedience and culture) Usually our… View Post

I once sat crying for so long trying to decide what to do with myself I didn’t realise I was late for school. I’ve never got dressed so quickly but when I realised how pathetic… View Post

So this morning I found myself running late, run to the bus stop in good time just for the bus to be late. Walked into class and I was told to take a laptop and… View Post