UGC & Influencer Partnership

"Chikumo, what is the difference between influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC)???"

 I’ve been getting this question more and more recently and thought it was worth covering as so many businesses now outsource a lot of their marketing functions and the clients I work with that have a clear strategy when it comes to their content are the ones that surpass their goals, gain great exposure (love a viral video) and keep their audiences engaged with their brands.

Simply put, UGC is content created for a brand which they will use for their own marketing (organic or paid) – this could be static and/or video content and goes under the premise that the creator has no obligation to share the content across their own social platforms.

Influencer marketing works under the premise that the influencer will create and share content on behalf of the brand to their own audience across social media in the hopes of selling a product or service to that specific following.

In my work as both I:

1. Work with brands that share my values – this helps to connect with followers on a personal level.

2. Create high-quality video and static content with a focus on what the content will eventually be used for because sometimes, audiences want more of a lifestyle element to the content they interact with because it’s in a more realistic and relatable setting.

3. Create copywriting that is effective and written to work whether that is to be used for organic or paid posts (keywords for the win).


I specifically cover foodlifestyle and travel content however, in my UCG work, I also work a lot with skincare and beauty brands which I love as it’s something a little bit different and they are brands I actually use.

I’ve produced from local brands to global brands – these include Glasses Direct, B&M Stores, Green Angel, The Mango Girl and more.

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1 video (up to 30 seconds)

– £95

1 video (up to 60 seconds) 

– £150

1 static post – £110

1 story post – £75

Package of 1 video (up to 30 seconds), 1 static post & 1 story post

– £200


*Includes unlimited usage rights for 1 year*


1 UGC video (up to 60 seconds)

– £150

3 UGC videos (up to 60 seconds)

– £350

5 UGC videos (up to 60 seconds)

– £550

5 photos – £125

10 photos – £200

15 photos – £275 


*Includes unlimited usage rights for 3 years*