I recently invested in the Tefal 13 piece Ingenio set from Argos and I am in LOVEEEEE. Non stick pots/pans that are so versatile and can be used on the hob, in the over AND… View Post

So it’s been a while since me and Sean had a proper date night so we decided to go for a brunch date. We went to Bennetts which is on Belmont Road. The first time I knew anything… View Post

As most of you guys (well the people that follow me on social media) know, my dad was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. Luckily for us he was one of the lucky… View Post

A while ago I came across a start-up called Top Bake which is run by a lovely lady called Bridget. Bridget needed a wedding cake to be made for herself but couldn’t find anyone to make… View Post

So I was back home (Sheffield) a few weeks ago and of course had to have a catch up date, or 6. All of which involved food. I tried out two cafes, both of which were… View Post