Mamma Chik

I was listening to Hirsty’s Daily Dose (on Capital FM) this morning and they read out an article on how gossip can help the wider society. Apparently it’s good for your health as it lowers stress levels. People will make an excuse for anything these days but as they say a problem shared is a problem halved! It was pretty interesting though because they got people to text in anonymously about secrets they knew but couldn’t tell other people or it would cause a lot of bother. A LOT of the texts were about peoples infidelity. People actually have affairs with their mail men can you believe that?!
Lets face it non of us can avoid a good old gossip but it’s harder for some than others to share what they know. My friends like to call me mamma Chik as they feel like they can come to me for advice and trust me to keep things to myself. I’m not even going to bother lying to you and tell you that I keep every little bit of information I’m told to myself but there’s a reason people come back to me for advice. If I’m going to tell someone usually it’s because it’s not as simple as me advising them on what to do and I’ll only tell people I fully trust especially if it’s serious. If it’s a big secret I prefer to keep it to myself  and trick people into getting me the answers I need. If any of my friends are reading this yes I have done this to you…
Sometimes there are things that are hard to keep to yourself. Being ‘mamma Chik’ isn’t always as great as it sounds especially when you have friends coming to you with problems that involve each other even though they don’t know it. Over the years I’ve had everything from a few friends liking the same person at the same time, pregnancies, infidelity/near infidelity, people confused with their sexuality and loads more. Obviously I can’t elaborate. Again for any of my friends reading this that have told me they like someone I do not choose my favourite person. I’ll talk to the person you both like and find out if he’s interested in any of you and if they’re not interested in one or any of the you I’ll try to get you to move on without you knowing anything. No point in anyone being hurt right? In some ways it’s nice to have a bit of power to help people. I love it when people come to me for advice. As cliche as this sounds I’m happy if you’re happy and that is the honest truth. I’ve tried to be more selfish recently but the satisfaction of helping someone is worth it, shame not every one would do the same for others.
After writing ‘Best friends and break-ups’ I got a message from a new older friend saying what I’d posted was very wise for one so young. I’ve had loads of people say that over the years but I never know what to say, it’s just me. Maybe I’m wise, maybe I truly am beyond my years, maybe it’s a gift or maybe it’s all just a fluke. Either way I enjoy trying to sort problems it’s not like I have a social life so keep them coming!

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