'Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no

You know one thing I can’t understand? I don’t understand how people find it so hard to be straight forward and honest. Obviously sometimes the truth hurts but you’ll find that half the time you may think you’re doing what’s best by concealing how you really feel/ what you really think but you aren’t. You’re causing more harm than good. I think sometimes people are just cowards and don’t want to face the truth or hear unpleasant things but why not let people move on?
There is nothing worse than people sending hot & cold signals. Either you’re interested or you aren’t, either you care or you don’t, either you’re bothered or you’re not. Noticing a trend yet? If you’re not sure then don’t be so forthcoming from the start. Take your time, what have you got to lose?
Sometimes I think people either like having the upper hand or are just simply selfish and don’t care about who’s feelings they hurt. To be frank the moral of this blog is stop with the selfishness, grow a pair, say how you really feel and let people move on and be happy if they need to!

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