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What legacy will you leave behind?

Recently I’ve been frustrated. Frustrated with myself, frustrated with peoples actions around me and generally, just frustrated with life.
I’m a very driven person and I’ve always wanted to make a change. It doesn’t matter how big or small. If I can help even one person in my life, whether that’s to make them happy, make them step out of their comfort zone or even just to believe in themselves, I will feel fulfilled.
It all started when I got the flu. Yes I know how silly that sounds but this was the actual flu. I’m never ill enough to not work but I was knocked for six!
A few weeks earlier I’d found out my auntie (dads sister) was terminally ill. I saw a picture of the hospital she was in and it broke my heart. She didn’t even have a proper colostomy bag. She had a tube attached to an empty bottle… I was laid in bed feeling sorry for myself, thinking about how far the world has come and yet the hospital my auntie was in, couldn’t afford adequate equipment. I’m quite an emotional person at the best of times but I felt so selfish and helpless.
I’ve built a good life for myself. I work hard but I enjoy life. I’m blessed enough to support myself. I support myself, I travel, I get to go out with my friends when I want and I waste a good £40/50 a month on mango. That money back in Zambia goes such a long way. £50 could feed a family of 4 for approximately 4 weeks!
It’s very easy to get caught up in life and listen to people too much. I work Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. I have karate twice a week and at weekends I like to spend a day with my parents. I convinced myself I was doing as much as I could and when I was being told I can’t change the world, whether that’s in work or my general life, I started to listen.
A positive mind can make so many positive changes. Over the last few weeks I’ve been telling myself that I CAN DO IT! I can do anything I put my mind to. Whoever tells me I need to set smaller goals can go away because I’d rather reach for the moon and hit the stars than miss altogether.
I love my job and it gives me so many opportunities. Where I may have been frustrated before, I now look at my position in my company as someone who can at least help people see the other side of the coin whilst I’m taught how I should deal with people at different levels.
In my general life, I’ve stuck to exercising and trying to better myself with Karate. I’ve now passed my first grading and I’m a yellow belt! Not only am I working on myself mentally, I’m exercising and learning a skill which could help protect me some day.
I may not be rich but I am lucky enough to be more fortunate than some people so where I can give back I will. I’ve always wanted to do charity work back in Zambia because that’s where my roots come from. I believe it’s down to people like me who have travelled and seen how various people live to go back and help the economy. This year, I have started and will do more charity work and the thought of going back excites me so much. I want to educate my followers from the western world. Africa isn’t what you see on TV and I will proudly show you first hand.
It’s amazing what a positive mindset can do. I want to change the world and in my own way, I will. Changing my mindset over the last few weeks has made me more open to opportunities and guess what? It’s working! I will be working on some exciting things over the coming months that I can’t wait to share with you all.
I want to leave a legacy behind for my kids to know that I lived, I struggled and I loved whole heartedly. I may not leave a huge mark on this world but no one will stop me from making my mark.
What legacy will you leave behind?
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  • Qui Talks

    I have been feeling the same way ever since I moved to California. That is why I revamped my life and my company. I can honestly say, I believe I will be leaving behind a great legacy. Working my way up!?

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