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Kiss Summer Party and product review

Last week I was kindly invited to the Kiss Summer party  held at the Merchant Hotel by the fabulous Alex Silver PR girls. I went to the event last year and had such an amazing time so I was really looking forward to this!

Kiss are famous for their eyelashes and glue/press on nails. I’ve always used Kiss eyelashes but the nails were new to me.

At the event I got to try some of the new collection and I’ve spent the last few days using the same products.

First the eyelashes. If I thought I loved Kiss eyelashes before, oh boy do I love them even more now! The new Couture range has a faux mink (among others) collection which I tried, on the night and over the weekend. The also have a strip lash glue that is extra strength. The Kiss lashes glue is really good anyway but I’ve found if I have them on all night, the edges sometimes peel away, however with this glue, there is no chance of that! I didn’t realise I had a dark and clear glue and initially complained about it. Oops… Before I realised there was a clear glue, I first tried the dark glue on it’s own. Unless you are very good at putting on eyelashes or have a lot of time, don’t go for that one, stick with the clear one. I was in a rush and got it all over my eyes. It was pretty hard to get off so you can imagine how annoying it would be if you’d done all your make up!

I then tried the lashes with the normal glue you get in the box so I glued the middle properly and didn’t do the edges well. After I put my eyeliner on, I put the lashes on and glued the edges with the extra strength glue. With this heat, you’d expect the lashes to come off but they stayed put all day and all night!!! Absolutely love the look of them! They’re so natural but also thick. I’ve used them three times now and they look just as new as when I first got them out of the box.

Now the nails. Where do even begin?! I saw the Alex Silver PR girls with some on my Insta story. As I was wearing a pink flowery dress, I thought rose gold nails from the gel Fantsay range would be perfect. As someone that normally has gel nails, I’ve been really impressed by how natural they are, especially for stick ons! I didn’t struggle in finding the right sizes to fill in my nails and I filed them when I got home just so they looked more natural.

I’ve had them on all week and only two came off whilst I was handling heavy stuff. I love everything about them and I’ve definitely been converted. Funnily enough, I gave quite a few of the ones I got last year to my mum and some friends and they’ve been waiting for more. Don’t think I’m going to be so nice this year!

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