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Chik's Top Pick's – Matte Red Lipsticks

I’m not normally one for lipsticks (or make-up) in general but when I make an effort, I like to MAKE AN EFFORT!
It recently came to my attention that not only do I have an obsession with buying lipsticks (especially matte) and lip liners I never wear, but I have quite a few shades of red so here are some of my top picks for valentines day!
3. Helen E cosmetics matte lip kit – Essex (£12.50 or £10 when Debenhams have special sale days which is when I picked it up)
So, I have a love hate relationship with this lip kit. It comes with a liquid matte lipstick and a lip liner. I love the fact it comes with a lip liner but the first time I tried to use it, I put a couple of layers on and it looked TERRIBLE! The only way I can describe it is like when you get chapped lips and your skin start to peel. Even trying to get it off was painful. Make-up wipes just didn’t work. I ended up having to use coconut oil which worked a treat.
I learned that with this one, you have to make sure there’s some type of moisture e.g. Vaseline or it completely dries out your lips. You then have to add one layer, let it dry and add the next layer. I have to say, I love the colour. It’s a vibrant red and it does last quite a long time.
2. Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit Matte – Regal (£6 from Superdrug)
Makeup Revolution GIVES ME LIFE! The only reason I didn’t pick this as my top choice is because of the colour. It comes out more as an orangey red where as I’d like the red to pop more.
As a lip kit, it’s super affordable and both the lipstick and lip liner work well together and separately. I actually used ‘Regal’ mixed with ‘Glory’ for my graduation (see below) which I absolutely loved.
I had to play around with it for a bit to get the shade I wanted but in the end it was perfect. I only topped it up once in about 12 hours!
It comes off easily with make up wipes as well so no hassle there.
1. Sleek Matte Me – Roija Red (£4.99 Boots/ Superdrug or £6 for the mini set)
This is my favourite! I wish it had a lip liner but even without it, I love it! I now have every shade of the Matte Me range. Again, it’s super affordable and really long wearing. I normally wear it when I’m going out and I can’t remember a time I’ve had to top it up.
It doesn’t make my lips dry out and it comes off easily with make up wipes or coconut oil.


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