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The Body Shop – Fresh Nude Foundation & Shade Adjusting Drops Review

A couple of months ago, the lovely guys from The Body Shop in Belfast invited me along to one of their blogger events.
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I’m a total novice when it comes to skin care and make up. I like to try different things but I’ve never really known what particular products suit my skin and why/how I should be using them so it was great to speak to all of the staff who had SOOOOOO much knowledge!
I have a lot to talk about when it comes to The Body Shop’s products so I’m going to have to split the blogs and reviews, starting with a review of their Fresh Nude Foundation.
I spoke to Paige who is a make-up artist. When I say she knows her stuff, I mean she KNOWS her stuff, just have a look at her Instagram!
Anyway…. it’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that I can’t ever remember seeing any other black bloggers turn up to the events in Belfast  (well the ones I’ve been to anyway) which is reflective of the black population in Belfast. There aren’t many black people (when compared to places like Sheffield) which means its very hard to find foundations that match my skin. Either the stores I check don’t stock my colour, or if they do, they keep very low quantities which is rubbish.
My other problem is that I’m allergic to something (not sure what) cosmetic brands add to their stuff which means if it goes on my face, i’ll come up in a rash within 10 minutes. This can be anything from soaps, to creams, foundations and setting sprays.
I tried the foundation in Tuscany Chestnut (080) which was the darkest version (out of 15) they had but it was still so light on my skin. In all honesty, it made me feel a bit crap because yes, I may not be a beauty blogger but we were all getting excited about different products and I really wanted to treat myself to some foundation so I could give the whole makeover thing a go.
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I spoke to Paige who told me about the shade adjusting drops. I’d never heard of them so when I’d initially seen the bottle, I thought it was foundation…
These drops make your foundation lighter or darker (depending on what you need) so basically, you add a drops of the adjuster to your foundation till it matches your skin. I know I’m easily impressed but I kid you not, that stuff works!
Photo 28-08-2017, 12 34 28
I was kindly given samples to try at home which was interesting as I’m used to using the Bobbi Brown powdered foundation. I had no idea what to apply it with so I just used a sponge. Like I said, I’m a novice but I have so many different types of sponges and brushes.
I didn’t want a very heavy coverage since I was going to wear the foundation during the day. It went on so easily and because its hydrating, it made my skin feel really fresh. I wanted to go for a very natural look so I went for my Helen E nude lipstick and lip gloss, a bit of eyeliner and mascara.
Photo 28-08-2017, 12 50 58
I judge foundations on how good my eyeliner looks against it and this was definitely a winner! I was a bit disappointed however because I did come out in quite a bit of a rash but this was more evident to me than anyone else as I kept getting compliments!
Overall I loved how the foundation looked when I first put it on but because of how much my skin reacted, I decided its not for me.
The shade adjusting drops however, I just love the idea! All make up artists need them. They’ll save so much money! For people like me who can’t always find the right colours, problem solved!
Photo 23-08-2017, 18 53 36
The Body Shop actually have 30% off at the moment and because I have a card, they sent me a £5 voucher so I decided to treat myself to the matte foundation and the shade adjusting drops. I think I paid £9 all together. Talk about a bargain! Can’t wait to try it. I’ll let you know how it goes!
** This post is written in collaboration with The Body Shop however, all the opinions given are mine **

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