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What do girls want?

So today’s blog is a special request funnily enough from a guy and a girl (IKR look at me getting requests!)
What women want and what women need are two very different things! I’ll be honest with you, no woman knows what she wants. We like it all therefore its very hard to please meaning basically guys are usually in the wrong. Here’s a a few points, enjoy!
1) Confidence – confidence will do a lot for any person but there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. If you don’t love yourself who will? That doesn’t mean you only love yourself, there’s a line! No one wants a ‘dweeb’ who can’t show he’s worth the effort.
2) Compliments – All girls like to be complimented. Any girl that says she doesn’t is a liar! This can be in a variety of ways e.g. calling her beautiful, sexy, amazing and even fit. Sexual attraction is important when we make an effort but every girl wants to know her natural beauty is appreciated as well. Most girls refuse to walk out of the house without make-up because of what other people think (especially guys) I mean come on don’t you want to be with someone for the real them?
3) Protection – There are loads of forms of ‘protection’. Some go too much one way. Protection doesn’t mean being overly obsessive about everything she does and everyone she see’s/talks to it just means showing an interest and being a man when needed. Being controlling can be terrible but it doesn’t mean you always keep quiet. You need to remember to let her know you care but accept it’s nice to let us show you our strength too. We can protect ourselves, remember you weren’t always around…
4) Arguments who doesn’t like arguing? All girls get mardy for no reason which means nothing you ever do is right. Don’t give her ‘space’ because when you give her space it makes it all worse and even if she says go away it doesn’t mean she actually wants you to go away. If she says it more than three times then give her space (only for a bit) and send a nice  text (you know what she likes to hear) and she’ll be back
5) Little things This sounds cliche but it really is the little things that count. Most guys think big gestures like loads of expensive presents and basically being showered with gifts is all a girl wants (don’t get me wrong it can be great) but the smallest things like just hanging out at home watching movies all dayor a text good morning/goodnight can brighten the whole day. Even a random text at a really random time can do wonders. You can’t buy love, it’s earned so be original and honest!
Gone a bit into detail so think I’m going to leave it there, good luck and always remember guys you’re more likely to do something wrong than something write but never give up because when you get it right it’s appreciated!
P.S Adam I’m watching you, Katy good luck and to the people the asked for this hope it helps 🙂

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