Valentines Day


Valentines day is looming which means every single person is being forced to remember they are alone and unloved, haha just kidding someone out there loves you (might be me) so turn that frown upside down!
For all those guys stuck on what to get there girls here’s some advice.
1) Something sentimental and from the heart e.g a nice poem/love letter (yes a hand written letter) that hasn’t been copied and pasted from our good friend google! For those not so soppy girls it can be something as simple as swapping an item that means something to you and can always remind you of the person.
2) Everyone goes for a meal, flowers, movie, stuffed animals and chocolates. Why not be different and plan a  day trip somewhere random like the beach?! Yes its cold but wrap up it could be so much fun. Or go to a city you’ve never been to and go sight seeing or window shop. You don’t need to spend that much money on a good day.
3) If you’re thinking of going for the norm’ then I suggest one red rose. Who needs 12 really? One looks nicer. If you want to go for a meal then go to the Italian Kitchen on Eccy road. Their food is amazing and not too expensive or Zizzi (20/25% off for students) and if she’s the really soppy kind of person then go and see The vow. It looks amazing! If you want a stuffed toy maybe make it something small she can always carry around with her like a me to you key ring?
4) Jewellery and clothes are always nice. For the kind of girl that isn’t into romance then a nice vintage pocket watch or something really random that reminds you of them but has a vintage kind of feel to is since that still seems to be in at the moment and they don’t have to be too expensive. Try Cow on West Street.
Last but not least
5) Unique night in. Instead of you being the only one making a huge fuss why not challenge each other to the ‘perfect night in.’ Plan it around your favourite things for example movies and a meal doesn’t have to be the boring old movies and a meal. If she likes deserts you could attempt to make your lady her own unique desert. If you like starters she could make the starter and you could make a main together. As for movies I’ll leave you to figure that one out…
For all you single people why not get a group of your friends together and do something like a movie or bowling or a meal. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t be happy.
For all you people in relationships just because it’s valentines day doesn’t mean it’s the one day you make an effort to show how you care. You shouldn’t do something special or buy a present just because you have to after all you’re not only in love for a day right?
Good luck and have fun! 

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