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My new flat – top picks

So I’m currently getting ready to move out of my student accommodation and start life in my own little flat as an actual professional! I lived alone before but this time feels different. I’m starting a whole new chapter in my life. New job, uni is nearly done and I’m hopefully starting my life with the person I’ll spend the rest of it with!
One thing that excites me is the fact I’ll be able to decorate my place and make it my own. Living in student accommodation makes you appreciate the little things you took for granted like being able to put up your pictures and make a place your own or even just being able to sit and chill at the end of the night with a glass of wine and some candles!
Anyway, I thought I’d put together a few bits of interior ideas that I’ve had that are exciting me to move out! 
Living room – SCS

I’m currently in love with statement chairs like ‘the cookie’ pictured above in the lime green. I find if you have a corner group like the ‘Macie’ in a light colour, it doesn’t really matter what colours you go for. You can change your accessories, walls and cushions without having to change everything and your room will look completely transformed especially as we get closer to autumn. It’s a good way to still keep a pop of summer in your living room! 
Dining room – SCS

The ‘Jenson’ dining table and chairs are just beautiful! To be honest I’d love to have something like this once I actually have my own house but I just love how clsssic and elegant the chairs are and how much of a statement the table makes! 

As a baker living in a place I’m not completely comfortable living in, I’ve missed just being able to get home and get my bake on. Nearly two years ago, I invested in an ‘Empire Red’ KitchenAid mixer and it was one of the best splurges I’ve EVER made! I won’t go in to how much you can do with it but let’s just say you can do everything from prepping cakes to salads…

Newlook has started expanding on their home range and I can’t tell you how excited I am, not just as someone moving out but as a blogger! They have some great props and they’re so cheap! I managed to find some of their false plants for £1! They genuinely look real too!
I can’t wait to show you what I actually do with my place. I just need to find it now!
** This post is written in collaboration with SCS and a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader however, all the opinions given in this blog are mine **

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