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My social media hiatus and finding myself again

As some of you may have noticed (and kindly messaged), I took myself away from the blogging/social media side of the world the last few months. Why? Well I just felt like I’d lost myself a bit. For years I’d been the Zambian muffin girl/ entrepreneur from Sheffield who worked two jobs whilst running a business, studied and occasionally blogged (with an array of stuff in between).

Before I knew it, I moved to Ireland and just became Chik, the marketeer and part time blogger. Starting again has been a bit weird and draining. I feel like I’m creating myself again, all whilst trying to teach the people around me who I am culture and all.

It’s a bit like deja vu. All the things I went through growing up, I’ve had to go through again because the people I’m surrounded by people here that don’t mix with many different ethnicities so obviously it’s alien when someone acts very differently to what you’ve always known. Explaining simple (well what’s simple to me) things like what my parents expect of me and why 95% of the time I do what they say to other adults who just don’t get it can be a little frustrating.

Anyone who knows my dad knows you just don’t bother. If he tells you to do something you do it. Mostly it’s out of respect but also out of fear, even though he’s never lifted a finger towards me. I’ve lived independently for 5 years but that means nothing to my parents and you know what? I’m OK with that because I’ve come to learn that 99% of the time, they’re right anyway so I may as well save myself a bit of heartache.

Anyway, apart from all of that, I have started to regain a sense of who this new Chik is and I’ve had a really positive few months!

I started Karate.
I started back in November, but over the last 3 months, I’ve had two grading exams. I went from a white belt to yellow belt and now I’m an orange belt! I cant tell you how much I enjoy it. Not only do I get to exercise (trust me it’s sore), I also get to learn a new skill and mentally, it just clears my head!

I’m looking to get on the property ladder!
This one is obviously huge because the whole adulting thing is becoming a reality but yeah, I’m lucky enough to be in the position to try. Hopefully everything goes through alright!

I’ve travelled.
Over the last few months I got to see my cousin and newborn niece in France (Paris) and I went to Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas & Trakai) with Sean. Even better, thanks to the lovely weather we’ve had I’ve seen a whole lot more of Ireland. At the weekends, we’ve been picking a place to go and visit that’s next to the sea and I have been loving life. One day I’ll live by the water! Along side my travels, I’ve also seen Sam Smith and Katy Perry with Harvey and I went to see Ed Sheeran with my auntie.

I’ve settled in to work.
The whole 9-5 thing has been really hard to adjust to, I can’t lie. On top of that, I’ve had some awkward and frustrating moments but I’ve really settled in and I’ve learned which battles to fight and which aren’t worth it. I think my job has taught me more about who I am as a person and how resilient I can be more than I ever thought.

Lastly, I’ve started to find myself again!
All the motivation I’d lost for work, blogging, general life I’ve got again but in a new and refreshing way. I’m going back to the care free Chik who does things for herself rather than others and I love how happy I feel again. I’ve also decided to start another business! I’m as young today as I’ll ever be and they say you need at least 5 revenue streams to be successful so why not get back into it now?

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