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Nicky Presets – Lightroom Mobile Presets

I was recently offered the chance to try out some of Nicky’s Lightroom presets which can be found here.

As a blogger, you try to find your “look” via the effects on your photos as well as the content you post and frankly, not many people create presets that are dark skin friendly and can work with different skin tones in one picture. It also helps that I’ve been looking to change up my Instagram so perfect timing!

Nicky offers 15 presets that can be used for food as well as people. I narrowed my favourite down to five –

When I say I spent ages playing with the presets and different pictures, I mean it. Over 2 hours of edits and many people were consulted…

First up we had the human edits. They look slightly different on a laptop than a phone but you get the gist below. Some felt a bit too washed out and some felt like they didn’t have enough colour. Starting left to right and going down by row you have – before, bright & airy, cold mood, lovely style, aloe and pop colours

Next, we had the foodie presets. This one was a lot harder because a cake with buttercream edits very differently to a cake like the one below so I had to choose a happy medium. Starting left to right and going down by row you have – Before, Pop Colours, Lovely Style, Bright & Airy, Aloe and Cold mood.

I narrowed the human and foodie presets down to cold mood and pop colours. Focusing on the human presets, I’ve put the before and after edits. Left is before and right is cold mood.

I love the detail and how effortless the pictures look even with Sean in them. I’m going to enjoy seeing the change on my Instagram feed. It will be interesting to see if it makes any difference!


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