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the. Hair Fuel Review

I was kindly gifted 4 weeks worth of the. Hair Fuel box back in June and was intrigued by it because most hair products aren’t made for all types of hair and anything I’ve tried in that past, unless it was a home remedy (which you can find here) hasn’t worked. Laura started the. Hair Fuel after a bad perm at 17 and has used it ever since so I had high hopes.

I was interested in working with the. Hair Fuel because firstly, The Hair Fuel is a female run business and Laura is a creative boss! Secondly, their values are sustainability, mindfulness and joy. The Hair Fuel is working on all products being 100% sustainable: whether by using recycled materials or materials that are fully recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable. The hair mask is fully biodegradable and cruelty free, however, the sachet packaging is not yet recyclable in all countries. If you want to learn more about why Laura started the business, you can find it here.

The Hair Fuel Pack - A Diary Of A Chik

In the pack you get a welcome card, instructions card, application bottle, powder sachet, oil sachet, shower cap and measuring tape.

Step 1 – add 2tbsp (or 30ml) warm water into the application bottle (the funnel was my own and doesn’t come in the pack)

The Hair Fuel contents - A Diary Of A Chik

Step 2 – add the powder mix and then the oil

The Hair Fuel powder - A Diary Of A Chik

The Hair Fuel oil - A Diary Of A Chik

Step 3 – shake the contents for 15-20 seconds or until well mixed

The Hair Fuel mask in application bottle - A Diary Of A Chik

The Hair Fuel mask in application bottle - A Diary Of A Chik

Step 4 – apply to scalp

The Hair Fuel mask in application process - A Diary Of A Chik

Step 5 – cover hair ends with hair conditioner (to stop it from drying out) and apply shower cap

Photo 30-06-2020, 09 59 14

Step 6 – leave for 45 mins

The Hair Fuel mask in application process (Chikumo) - A Diary Of A Chik

Step 7 – wash out

Each time I used it, my scalp tingled. It felt like mint on my scalp or Jeba hair food and I LOVED it! It’s also a good sign it’s working because its main aim is to stiumulate hair growth from the roots. It also reminded me of my home remedy with honey in terms of the consistency.

The process in general was very straight forward but it made hair day quite a bit longer. I normally shampoo and rinse 2-3 times however, I had to shampoo and rinse 4-5 times because there would be particles in my hair that looked like hardening honey. In all honesty, it was totally worth it.

When I started, my hair was at 9 inches. After 4 weeks, my hair was shiny, thick and had grown to 10 inches but it was so thick I knew it needed to be relaxed for the final results.

After I relaxed my hair it was just over 11 inches! I genuinely can’t believe how efficient it’s been. It’s been a week since I relaxed my hair and normally by this stage, my scalp starts to flake really badly because of the chemicals and so far, there isn’t much at all.

Would I use the product again? YES! Would I recommend it? OF COURSE! Who wouldn’t after a 2+ inch growth?It made me re-look at how I look after my hair. There are lots of tips on the website about promoting hair growth but if you’re as lazy as me, all you need is the hair mask and a silk scarf (which I didn’t wear all the time) and you should still see results.

Chikumo - MSC Media Photography(Beach photography by MSC Media)

the. Hair Fuel is a hair mask subscription box which you can purchase at £38.99. For more info, their socials are as follows –


Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Chikumo logo on transparent

**Although the Hair Fuel was gifted, all thoughts are my own**


  • Daniqua

    Ordered after seeing positive reviews online, and immediately ordered – this completely burned my scalp! I have a natural hair, coarse curly hair and the scalp burn took almost 3 weeks to heal. I’m so sad and disappointed???, I wish that there were more honest reviews about this product!
    Love your blog as always ❤️

    • chikumo

      Not all products work for everyone which is why they also advise you to test the product on a small layer of skin first. I use menthol shampoo so my scalp was already used to the sensation and my patch test was completely fine. Sad it didn’t work for you but be careful in the future with all products.

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