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Hair Jazz Review

I was given the chance to review products by Hair Jazz who make hair, body and face care products. I was sent a few of the hair care products so here goes!
Hair Jazz
So the company was founded in France 25 years ago. There are no harmful substances used in their products like silicone or parabens and the brand makes cruelty free products. This year they got PETA confirmation, so they’re on the list of companies which don’t test on animals.

I received some of their hair products. In the package I got the shampoo, hair lotion and day cream for hair. The packaging is pretty simple with each products being colour coded and the Hair Jazz logo being quite prominent. The best part about opening up the box however was a sheet which was included and explained what all the Hair Jazz products are, what they do and why it’s good for your hair. It also explains how best to use them. All the products I was sent are to do with hair growth so it was interesting to get tips such as; you should only put conditioner on the ends of the hair as it can block your hair follicles which then stops hair growth.

As I said, I received the shampoo, hair lotion and day cream for hair. As I didn’t receive any conditioner I used my normal head and shoulders each time. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog (miracle hair growth secrets) my scalp is quite sensitive so when I still had to condition my hair and oil my scalp.
What I actually thought

The products are tailored more towards western hair so it advises you to use the shampoo every two or so days. With African hair you only was your hair every 5-7 days so i used the shampoo every week and the hair lotion when I washed my hair. I loved the smell of the products. They reminded me of being in a hair salon getting my hair professionally done which rarely ever happens. The only downfall of the shampoo was that I found it made my hair tangle a lot easier so I has to leave the conditioner in for a few more minutes than I normally would.
The hair lotion was really easy to use too. Because it came in a spray bottle, I could easily cover my scalp before I dried my hair. I used the day cream with Doo Grow when I first washed my hair then on its own the rest of the time. I tried not to use Doo Grow but I found my hair became more brittle.
I’d have liked to use all the products together to get more of an accurate review but overall I would recommend Hair Jazz with the extra steps I added myself. Products can be found through the Hair Jazz site directly (as linked above) or via Harmony Life.
** This post is written in collaboration with Hair Jazz however, all the opinions given in this blog are mine **


  • Aaliyah

    So I tried out Hair Jazz after reading reviews and blogs but decided to give it a try because you’re one of the only African Americans that reviewed it. Of course I used it once a week (because black people don’t wash their hair 2-3 times a week lol) for a little over 3 months. I saw growth, my hair got longer, but my edges fell out. I mean they completely broke off. Now I have long hair in the back and super short hair in the front ? I really don’t recommend this for our hair textures but it may work differently for others.

    • chikumo

      Hi Aaliyah,

      I guess everyone’s hair type is different. I know personally, I have to use Doo-Gro on my scalp or else even Hair Jazz isn’t as effective. Have you tried using castor oil/coconut oil with honey on your edges? That also helps me!

  • Eyleen

    This product I been using it for 3 weeks and honestly I’m not sure if I will continue, because it leaves my hair super dry and hard to brush is terrible. The appearance of the hair is also very dried. It looks like a leaf all dried up. I don’t think is worth it and I’m thinking about stoping it.

  • Rebecca

    I bought this and stopped using the product. It was making my hair fall out. I have hella white girl hair. So maybe I washed too often. For the money, it definitely dried out my hair. I thought it was just my hair because it’s bleached. But if everyone is having the same issue, maybe we should use it less often.

    • chikumo

      Hair is very difficult especially when it’s been treated or bleached so always good to try different products and treatments – I’ve also only ever washed my hair every 1-2 weeks so that might also be it.

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