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Top 3 Wind Down Tips -Customisable To You!

When you work for yourself it’s pretty easy to become consumed with your day-to-day tasks to the point where you can’t even shut off because you’re thinking about what still needs to be done.

I recently created a wind-down routine for myself that I’ve found helps me to switch off. I’ve talked on my blog and socials about my mental health and feeling anxious – as a perfectionist, it’s even harder because I want everything to be done and dusted, however, I’m learning that that doesn’t always happen so I thought I’d share my top 3 tips which you can customise to yourself!

  1. Yoga/meditation
    I’ve wanted to try yoga for the longest time however, I’ve never managed to get to a class and with me travelling, it’s even harder to be consistent. I recently signed up to Hannah Saunders Yoga which is an online subscription service. It’s really handy because there are free videos, focused tutorials like the block stretching (great if you hold tension in) and my current fave – “back to the present meditation” which I do just before bed. There are lots of other choices but I find that unless I’m focusing on something else (like Hannah guiding me) the I drift off into thinking about other things. I can’t wait till I master it!

2. Nostalgic games with
Okay so hear me out on this one… when I was younger, both my auntie and my dad were into different games. With my dad it was solitaire – I would go to his office with my brother and we would spend hours playing solitaire. I remember being so proud when I moved to spider solitaire because I felt like such a boss. Then there was my auntie who I used to stay with nearly every weekend. She’s always been obsessed with sudoku and she of course taught me. These memories are so comforting that to this day when I play them, they just make me feel happy. I can’t explain it but I guess it’s the nostalgia. I was really happy when I came across because I can play different variations of Solitaire (including the spider version), Sudoku (at different levels) and they have other card games, Mahjong (the cooking one is good) and a whole array of other games. I’ve found that they help me to use my brainpower so much I can focus and quickly plan or I just feel tired – both help me wind down so I’m not complaining.

3. The Body Source Aroma Diffuser
The product I didn’t know I needed! I was really grateful to be gifted the diffuser by The Body Source. I’m a candle and wax melt type of girl and was just intrigued because they’re supposed to boost moods, relieve stress or remove odours depending on what essential oils are used. It’s instant, can be put on a timer and has different colours. I know lavender is the go-to essential oil for sleeping but I started with mango – typical me! For those of you that don’t follow me on socials, mango is my life… Anyway, I chose mango because I love the scent and again, I associate the smell with happiness, so I’ve found that whilst I’m wrapping up in the office or as I start to wind down, I’ll put on my diffuser and then do what I need to do before I eventually go to bed. As I said, I love candles but this is great because I can have it on a timer without worrying about blowing it out and the colours are really soothing.

Three very simple tips but as I said, you can customise them for yourself and that’s why I wanted to share this blog. I’m still working very hard to create healthy habits and a good balance between work and life but that’s easier said than done so I’m trying to be practical and use what I know soothes me already. I would advise being aware of screen time but I start with a couple of games before a yoga/meditation session before bed so I’m not looking at my screen just before bed. I also have my phone automatically go onto night mode so the screen colour changes and warns my brain it’s nearly bedtime. Let me know if you have any other tips or if any of these work for you!

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