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This afternoon I was sat munching on a delicious piece of cheese cake (see below) planning my future and how I’m going to keep moving forward with my business business when I realised I’ve come quite far.

It all started a few years ago (about 3) I wanted to go to the cinema with my friends but I had no money. Now we all know African parents are strict and usually say no but this time my mum thought she’d catch me out by saying I could go if I had my own money. We all knew I didn’t have any money but I wasn’t going to take the challenge lying down! Somehow I’d been baking the week before and had taken some in for my friends so when I told them my problem they said they’d buy my muffins off me for £1! Slowly but surely more people found out (teachers and friends of friends) about my muffins and it became a quick source of income and meant I didn’t need a part time job.
3 or so years on I moved schools, stopped selling muffins and decided to take business. I used to spend my Thursdays in Starbucks till I had to go back into school but this Thursday at the last minute I decided I was going to go to a business lecture and see what they had to offer. Here I met Daniel Koseoglu who is the owner of The Tiffin Co(mpany) (check them out on Facebook or Twitter) who told us about his company and helped us with a little task my group was given. The task was to make glass toilet paper sound so appealing people would want to buy it. At the end I decided to ask Daniel for some advice on starting a business. Why have a part time job with ridiculous hours when I could have the opportunity to work when I want, as much as I want whilst keeping my parents happy and having the chance to decide how much I get? Now about 4 months on I have myself a good friend and an awesome mentor who liked what I had to say on glass toilet paper and has done above and beyond the call of duty to help!
Right now I have a trial with which could mean any of you reading this that go to Longley Park Sixth Form College that like to buy confectioneries, if you do so in a few weeks time they’re going to be freshly home made (at Tiffin towers) by me! Exciting right?! Hopefully people decide to give the confectioneries a go because trust me they’re worth it plus you won’t be paying as much as a £1 like my old customers. If people buy I may be given something permanent and who knows what the future holds?!
You know how they say everything happens for a reason? After a very mixed year I’ve recently had more and more reason to believe that.
Wish me luck and who knows you may benefit! 

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