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Do you believe in free will?

So I was catching up with some friends over coffee when we got to talking about destiny and whether free will exists. I can’t even remember how we got on to talking about the situation but it was something about God and our religions. I happened to have a similar talk with my brother a few days ago which I think stemmed from talking about the point in life and thought I’d mess with your heads a bit.
To make this a bit easier I’ll explain what I believe. I believe we have free will but only to a certain extent. Obviously I don’t know why we’re here (on this earth I mean) but I do believe in a God and that there must be a reason why we’re here (it makes me sleep easier at night). That means every one of us is born with a destiny. We are born with God knowing our end goal. No matter how big or small, we are here to do something. So what’s this got to do with free will you ask? Well…
As much as I believe we have a purpose to fulfil, every day we wake up and choose to get out of bed. Each one of us has a different reason for getting out of bed but every decision we make throughout the day no matter how big or small may change yours or someone’s life. If not then I do believe it will lead them towards something/someone that will. I’ll use myself as an example. When I was at All Saints I stayed till the end of my first year of A-levels. Certain choices I made meant I didn’t do well. I then chose not to tell anyone for a few days. That was my choice. When I did tell my mum she took me along with my aunty to see a man named Paul after the person that was meant to help me at All Saints didn’t. He told me bluntly to stop being a silly, work hard like we all knew I could and return to him in a years’ time with a success story. A few days later I went to sign up to Hillsborough College. Even after getting everything sorted I still decided to go to Longley and sign up there. I waited hours all because when I got to Longley I got a “feeling” (sounds stupid I know…) that I belonged there and could see myself spending my next two years there. After a year I got to go to Paul and tell him how well things were going and after two years I didn’t have to see or call him. Instead, he called my dad to ask him if he’d seen the front page of the Star (with the worst picture ever). Obviously that wasn’t because I’d received straight A’s but he did get to find out about my business and about my Big Challenge success and Moscow!
Now don’t get me wrong, I still think there’s a lot more to it than this but what I do believe is that I have a destiny to fulfil. Whatever destiny this is, it’s caused me to make small decisions at the time that caused life changing events to happen. After doing badly in my A.S levels I nearly made another big mistake by going to Hillsborough but something/someone (the big guy up there) subtly told me that was wrong. I still went on to choose a subject I didn’t want to do but after one lesson I changed my mind and decided to study business. I have a soft spot for my business teachers. They seem to be my guardian angels helping me along my path. It’s weird when I think about it. I was always capable of passing my a-levels and doing well but obviously there was a reason why it didn’t work out the first time. I had a lesson to learn. I think I learned pretty well… I could give you many more examples like cancelling on someone to go to a meeting where I ended up acquiring my second business or shutting someone out of my life that lead me to someone else great in my life. The list is endless but those are stories for another blog!
I’m not trying to make you believe in what I believe or even make you believe in God or a greater being but we all wonder why we’re on earth and whether our choices really are our own. This is just how I see life. Everyone you meet, everyone in your life is there to help you reach your destination, it doesn’t mean they will be a positive influence. You will make choices every day through your own free will but when you start to go away from that path something/someone will give you a nudge back towards your end destination. Every day you make choices. You will make some people happy, you will hurt others. You still choose whether to right your wrong. You choose whether to pick up that phone and apologise for being a douche but ultimately if it’s meant to be it will be.
What do you believe?
P.s. I apologise for not writing a blog last week. I had a bit of a rubbish time and decided to pretend nothing outside my flat existed. I’m back now!


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