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My ‘perfect’ guy – Part 2

February 2012 I wrote a blog about the ‘perfect’ guy. I’d read some article (just scroll down and you’ll see it) about your perfect partner needing 10 specific attributes that make them perfect for you.

It’s funny reading that blog now. I assumed that after listing the 10 things I wanted in the ‘perfect’ guy I’d one day meet someone with all those attributes and we’d live happily ever after because nothing else mattered. In all honesty I didn’t really think I’d meet someone who ticked all 10 boxes but somehow (don’t ask me how haha) I’ve managed to do just that!

Below is how my list of 10 has worked out…

1. I’ve always believed personality matters more than looks because looks fade and a personality makes the whole package. Having said that though, Si happens to be absolutely gorgeous and also has a really lovely personality to match. No need to compromise here!

2. My two weaknesses are stubble and dimples; he has both (hit the jackpot there). I love his stubble/beard that much that in the year we’ve been together I’ve seen him fully shaven twice or three times.

3. He’s unbelievably funny! Now most of my friends know I have a weird sense of humour and I don’t really find people that are meant to be funny, funny but he genuinely makes me cry with laughter (sometimes). There have been times where I’ve laughed so much I thought I’d either wee myself or die from the lack of oxygen!

4. I can be one hell of a mardy arse and I’ll just start arguments (which I usually win) but I think I’ve finally met my match. Si is the total opposite of me and doesn’t really like arguing but he sure does know how to put me in my place which is just what my stubborn self needs sometimes.

5/6. Although he doesn’t sing he does know how to play the guitar and violin which I didn’t know till recently and he certainly isn’t a dumb ass (thank God).

7. His dress sense is to die for! Its ridiculous how picky I am when it comes to guys and what they wear. I can be put off a guy just because he’s wearing ugly shoes. Luckily I don’t have to worry about that!

8/9. He is also a total gentleman and certainly not tight with his wallet. I’ve always been one of those independent women who doesn’t need a man to support her etc. but with Si, chivalry certainly isn’t dead! He does little things like opening my door and making sure I get home safely. He never lets me pay when we go out for meals (he literally gets offended and upset, it’s so weird) and he randomly showers me with the cutest gifts from food (I’m easily pleased) to jewellery and shoes (by shoes I mean trainers, we all know I’m not a heels kind of girl…). There never has to be a meaning behind it, he’s simply just being nice.

10. Finally he’s so easy to talk to (when he wants to be). Fair enough I complain ALL the time! Whether I’m happy or sad I’m always complaining. If I’m not complaining you know something’s up! Somehow (not quite sure why) he puts up with it all which is really important to me because I stress over everything and want it all to be perfect. It’s nice to be with someone who just understands that even the most trivial of moans at the time seems like a big deal to me. He knows just what to say/do most of the time (let’s face it, he’s still a man).

A little part of me has always been a little naïve. I’m a total sucker for romance and always thought if I met someone that ticked all 10 boxes, nothing else would matter. Obviously there are a lot more boxes that have to be ticked and my priorities in the list have changed over the years. No relationship is perfect and sometimes you have to adjust to a person and re-write your list as you go on but reading my original list did remind me just how good I’ve got it and that when I’m being overly emotional over something that doesn’t matter, I need to grow a pair and appreciate what I have. I too take things for granted no matter how much I deny it.

The next time you’re upset with someone (it doesn’t matter whether it’s a spouse, friend or family member) because they’ve been a douche or they’ve done something to hurt you, just remember, no one is perfect, nothing is perfect and to reach your version of perfection it takes time and effort on both parts. The little things matter and communication is the key.

Before you give up on them answer this. How many of your boxes have they ticked without you even noticing?

They’re not so bad now are they…

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