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Maisie-Jane accessories

Recently, I decided to change up the blog a bit and work with businesses I resonate with. As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to get your name out there and how many sleepless nights you have so if I can use what I do to help, why not?!

I introduce to you, Masie-Jane accessories. Maisie Jane was founded by Pamela Evans in 2016 out of the sheer fact she was fed up of having to compromise on fashion when going to business events by having to wear ugly lanyards. It turned out Pamela wasn’t the only woman fed up. Ever been to an event where they’ve handed you a pin as a name tag and you’ve reluctantly used it knowing you were just about to add a big hole into your lovely top/dress? We’ve all been there!
What I love about Masie-Jane accessories is the fact that, every day annoyances are solved by simple and yet fashionable accessories.
I know we may not all work in places that need the use of lanyards but when I started my research on the accessories offered, one particular product stood out…

Now, I don’t care how old you are but if you are a woman reading this, there is a very high chance you have a hair bobble (or like me, 3) on one of your wrists. Masie-Jane offers hairband bangles. These are basically bracelets that hold your hair bobbles. Instantly, you have something that adds a little extra to your outfit and looks really nice. This ones my favourite because there were so many women (in work or at uni) that were pleasantly surprised at how they’ve never seen something like this before.

Masie-Jane offers products from bangles to lanyards and zip assists (for your dress) and on top of that, Pamela uses real women! Yes, real working women who model products, real women who give their input and real women who support a fellow woman in business.
Watch this space because there’s plenty more to come. If you want to check out the products, check Masie-Jane out via their social media accounts.
** This post is written in collaboration with Masie-Jane, however, all the opinions given in this blog are mine **

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