Calling all foodies – Bennetts

So it’s been a while since me and Sean had a proper date night so we decided to go for a brunch date.
We went to Bennetts which is on Belmont Road. The first time I knew anything about Bennetts was when a work pal went for his breakfast and put his food on snap chat. More businesses need to understand the power of snapchat and Instagram when it comes to free advertisement! I can’t name the amount of times I’ve tried a place simply because of snapchat/Instagram pictures or even via word of mouth! It had been recommended a few times anyway and knowing how much I love the little cafes on Belmont road, I didn’t need to be asked twice!
I was certainly not disappointed! Not only is the cafe super cute, the atmosphere was lovely and its soooooooooo cheap for what you get!

I was in the mood for a proper breakfast and pasta (weird, I know..) so Sean had an Ulster fry whilst I got the chicken pasta with spinach and a creamy sauce, then we shared.

The pasta was perfect. Genuinely couldn’t complain about it. The portions were so big we couldn’t have dessert which I was obviously sad about! Seans breakfast was nice but they didn’t give him enough baked beans plus you could tell the plate had been sat out for a little bit too long so he complained about the freshness of the bread too.

All together the meals and tea cost under £20 which in my eyes is a bargain for what we got!
My ratings are as follows…
Value for money – 8/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Choice (in terms of food) – 9/10
Overall, Bennetts gets 8.5/10


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