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Hunkemoller sleepwear review

One of  my goals for 2019 is to focus on female empowerment and empowering myself! We all have those days where we feel a bit rubbish, whether its about our bodies or other things that shouldn’t affect us and I guess we look to others for reassurance. It’s about time we stopped caring!

As part of the empowerment, we are going to dress up for ourselves, put make up on for ourselves and learn how to put ourselves first because lets be honest, we deserve it and have to own ourselves and our bodies before we expect anyone else to

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I was really excited to get the chance to collaborate with Hunkemoller. They have everything from lingerie to nightwear and gym wear.  I’m not a huge fan of PJ’s unless I’m having a lazy day. At night, I feel restricted, uncomfortable and for some reason, I sweat like crazy even though I’m ALWAYS cold… I did however think it was time for a change and I don’t have a nightdress so it was worth the try!

I received the slip dress in the cutest (and recycled so thumbs up) cardboard box. The presentation was lovely and I personally loved the little tag line inside!

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I’m not exactly sure what the slip dress is made from but it felt like silk with a slightly stretchy material added. It felt soft on my skin and fit perfectly. The straps are easily adjustable and there are is also a slit on each leg.

Firstly, to wear it just made me feel so good (as you’ll see by my mini photo shoot)… I was genuinely shocked at how well it fitted especially since I’m short and it had slits. It’s a sexy slip dress but also soooo comfortable to wear about the house.

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Now to sleep in… oh my days! With the slits, I thought it would get tangled and I’d feel as trapped as ever. I was wrong. Not only does it feel like I’m not wearing anything (sorry tmi) but the material has somehow regulated my temperature. I’m not overheating at night! Now i’m not saying this would happen for everyone but that material just seems to agree with me. Three night’s I’ve now worn the slip dress to bed! I’ve actually been stalking the Hunkemoller site waiting for payday. The slip dress I got was £40 but they have decent sales across the ranges (with free delivery) that are definitely worth having a look at.

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All in all, for never hearing of Hunkemoller, I’m definitely a fan! The quality is great, the presentation is great and most of all, it makes me feel like I’m ready to do my own fashion show!


**Although the product was gifted, all the views above are my own and written by me**

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