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My Realistic Savings Tips

I’ve been asked a lot about how I save and if I have any tips. I can’t lie, I’m not the best when it comes to saving so I use different tricks to keep me on track. Maybe you may find one that suits you.

1. Understand your in-comings and outgoings
This sounds sooooo basic but most people don’t know what they waste their money on so go through your banking apps and take note. I use a simple tool from Excel called ‘personal monthly budget’. You’re better off making a note of all your monthly in-comings and outgoings as well as your allowance for spending money and ‘anything missed’ that then allows you to see what’s left over and what you can save. £10 savings a month looks a lot better in your account than nothing…

Excel - Monthly Budget

2. Combine different methods
Another way to save is by using different methods at the same time e.g. point number one and the 52 week challenge where you save £1 week 1, £2 week 2, £3 week 3 and so on. We’re only in March so it isn’t too late to start! You may also do this by saving the money somewhere that isn’t easily accessible e.g. an ISA, the Credit Union or a bank where you physically have to go in to access your savings e.g. the Post Office. All else fails, you can get a piggy bank that needs breaking.

3. Work towards something
Sometimes I’m really good at saving and other times I am shocking! I’ve found that I save best when I have something to save for. That may be a holiday, a car or even bits for the house. This also means planning ahead! Make a list of things you want to buy, know how much they cost and break it down into chunks. I went the whole of January without going to the Range (anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am) and treated myself as soon as February hit! Also, since December, thanks to a fellow blogger @cruelty_free_emmy, I haven’t bought myself any new clothes  because I want to be better anyway as a person and not destroy the planet even more with disposable fashion, so this just aids me and the #nonewclothes2019 movement!

4. Be realistic with your savings
Just because you want to save doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself once in a while, you just have to be savvy about it! Discounted sites like Latest Deals mean you can still treat yourself (once in a while) but you also pay a fraction of the price! You may as well be realistic to the fact you will treat yourself but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart with your spending.

5. Really understand where your money goes
I’m putting this one twice because it’s ridiculous how much we can save by cutting down on crap we normally buy. I used to spend £40 a month on mango. £40!! I’m also notorious for going into supermarkets with an empty belly and without a shopping list. One minute I’m going in looking for milk, the next I’m walking out with said milk, mango and iced fingers I really don’t need. If you know where your bad spending habits come from, they make it easier to start saving from money you already don’t see!

I hope these will be of use! Let me know if you find any other tips that work for you.


**This post has been sponsored by Latest deals, however, all the views are my own**

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