Isn’t it funny how people look at other couples on social media and assume they have the perfect lives? I’ve had it plenty of times where people have looked at pictures or Snap Chats of… View Post

Sooooo, this week I thought I’d write an appreciation blog. As a someone who’s grown up in the UK, I’ve sometimes missed out on learning about parts of my Zambian culture as well as meeting a… View Post

This weeks blog is dedicated to Albayram Jewellery which is run by a good friend of mine! The business was opened last year, is based on Edgware Road in London, England. It’s a family run business with over… View Post

So it’s been a while since me and Sean had a proper date night so we decided to go for a brunch date. We went to Bennetts which is on Belmont Road. The first time I knew anything… View Post

As most of you guys (well the people that follow me on social media) know, my dad was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago. Luckily for us he was one of the lucky… View Post