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Two years ago I was looking at starting up Mostly Muffins as a ‘proper’ business. With Daniels help I managed to convince the right people at Longley Park Sixth Form College to give me a chance. They agreed to let me supply the college whilst I was in my last year which made me decide I wasn’t going to study Biomedical Engineering anymore but I’d look into Business Management. That way I could learn all the areas of running a business whilst keeping my parents happy (obviously I couldn’t not go to uni) and keeping my options open.

Suddenly I found myself in a position where the people around me (mainly family & my business teacher) believed in me and made me believe I could accomplish a lot. I entered the BIG Challenge where I won the shining star award for not giving up, the post 16 category and I got an amazing all expenses trip to Moscow! Being part of the BIG Challenge and going to Sheffield Hallam University has opened up a lot of doors. I’ve gone into primary and secondary schools to speak to the pupils about my business and enterprise, I’ve been a speaker at BIG Challenge events, Young Enterprise Awards and I’ve been able to supply some new customers!

I’ve done my fair bit of networking all around Sheffield for various events/people especially this past year. Two of the most exciting have led me to being part owner of Tiger J Chocolates ( and this September I should be on a MADE ( panel with Jamal Edwards!!! I LOVE NETWORKING!

So basically the point of this blog is to tell all you readers to stop fearing new challenges, look at your negative moments and turn them into positives and of course order some cakes, muffins, chocolates and invite me to more events (feel free to pay me lots too…).

Isn’t it funny how much you can achieve when a few people help you believe in yourself again…


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