Moving out

Isn’t it funny how you spend years dreaming of moving out and getting your own freedom then when it finally happens it’s not what you expected…

So lets go back two and a bit years when I moved to Longley. On my first day I got on the 20. When I got on the 20 I noticed a girl with bright ginger hair. I looked at her and thought she looked nice and pretty, we swapped smiles and I sat down and tried to guess if anyone else was my age. So anyway we get off the bus and I start talking to the ginger haired girl (Jess) and it turns out we have a very similar back story which has led us to walking up the silly big hill to Longley. It’s weird, we never had any lessons together and we didn’t see each other all the time but it was enough to one day (nearly 3 years later) be stood in the gym telling her about how I’ve found somewhere to live alone then later get a text asking me to move in with her! Fate right?!

It’s been just over 3 weeks now and I can certainly say it’s taken me a while to adjust. I’m still adjusting… It’s no secret how strict my parents are and fair enough I haven’t helped myself over the years but I know I’m not a wild child. I always wanted the space to basically do what I wanted e.g. go out whenever I wanted, see whom ever I wanted and be an ‘adult’. I always knew I wouldn’t turn into one of those crazy African children that goes off the rails partying all the time and staying out till God knows what time but I wanted the chance to be independent and prove that they have actually brought up a decent child. 

My first glimpse of how hard moving out would be came when my dad left to go and work in Ireland. I really am my fathers daughter and we both know it which makes our relationship difficult sometimes so at first I was so happy. I’d finally have the freedom I’d been longing for, but that didn’t last long. I found myself randomly crying for no reason. I’d walk into the kitchen and he’d be stood there cooking and I’d just start crying. Can’t even begin to explain how awkward it was since we don’t do the whole emotion thing but that made me realise how much of a secret daddies girl (he’ll never read this which is the only reason I’m even saying this and I’ll deny it should anyone ask ha) I really am. This got me thinking, me and my dad aren’t the best of friends but if I could be that upset over him moving, what would I be like when my mum and brother moved away (the people I spent every day laughing with, my best friends)? That’s one of the reasons I moved out before my brother goes to uni and my mum moves away. I knew I’d need a lot of time to adjust and boy am I glad I made that decision!

In my first week, I went home (my mums) 3 times and I’ve stayed over every weekend. It’s funny, I was made to have the ‘don’t go out all the time’ talk and I’ve been out once with Jess. Even then we were back by 1am which is earlier than I would normally get back when I was at home. Living so close to town and corp is great but I prefer our Vodka Revolution dates on a Monday (it’s 50% off, moving out has bankrupted me) and nights in watching Nashville.We’re like old women and I love it! I’m glad I moved out mainly because of how good my relationship with my mum is. I text her every morning and night and I always miss her so even when I go over and she annoys me I know it won’t be long before I miss her again! I even talk to dad more! The first time we called each other to just say hi the other assumed something was wrong. I’m surprised at how relaxed he’s been. I expected calls every day since he said he’d randomly turn up at the flat and expected me to be home (don’t you just love African dads?!) but I guess there’s still time for that!

This blogs starting to get a bit long so I’ll love you and leave you!


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