Calling all foodies – Steam Yard & Couch cafe reviews

So I was back home (Sheffield) a few weeks ago and of course had to have a catch up date, or 6. All of which involved food. I tried out two cafes, both of which were very different but fab!
 My first breakfast date was at Couch which is on Ecclesall Road and happens to have been open 3 years today! We went on a Sunday morning so it was pretty quiet. The place looks very rustic and I loved the simplicity of the design and lay out. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with cakes! The cakes looked absolutely amazing(and home made) but I thought I’d be grown up and go for breakfast as I needed energy for the rest of the day.

We both went for a full English, accompanied with a luxury hot chocolate which basically has cream and marshmallows. The only thing I didn’t like about the whole thing was their version of hash browns which reminded me of mashed potato with mustard seeds. I’m not a fan of mustard.
Everything cost just over £10 which I was a bit disappointed about since the breakfast didn’t come with toast and I know there are quite a few places around the area that would give you more for your money. Saying that, there was a 25% student discount which I didn’t realise could have been applied until after I’d been!
Overall, Couch gets 7/10.
The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was great and it’s a really nice place so I’ll definitely be returning to try their cakes!

 Breakfast date number two was at Steam Yard which is just off Division Street in town. I’d been there once before but this was a very long time ago and they certainly didn’t have half the selection of donuts they do now!
They’ve just added an extension so we had a lovely little corner all to ourselves which was great as we spent quite a while trying to find the right angle for the best pictures!

We were served by the loveliest waitress who was either from Australia or New Zealand. I’m rubbish at accents but all I know is that she was lovely and added to the experience. So anyway, we both decided to have Nutella donuts for breakfast! One with tea and one with hot chocolate. Apparently the hot chocolate is lovelyyyy but oh. my. days. was that donut amazing! It was a fresh as you can get and the Nutella… My mouth is watering right now! All together I spent just under £5 and it was worth every penny.
Overall, Steam Yard gets 8/10.
I’d obviously need to try other food (like their cheese toasties which look like heaven) before I could rate the place higher but I’d definitely go back!


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