Top Bake – cake lovers new best friend

A while ago I came across a start-up called Top Bake which is run by a lovely lady called Bridget. Bridget needed a wedding cake to be made for herself but couldn’t find anyone to make exactly what she wanted so she decided to create a platform for both bakers and dessert lovers.
As someone that had a cake business and LOVESSS cake, my decision to move to Ireland was very difficult because I knew, not only would I lose the custom base I’d spent years building but if I was to carry on, I’d have to work very hard to get Mostly Muffins known among the Irish. On top of that, Belfast doesn’t have dessert bars meaning finding decent home made cakes hasn’t been easy!
So the gist of the business – whether you’re a baker or someone looking for baked goods e.g. wedding cakes, gluten free cookies etc., you sign up to Top Bake’s website and you basically use it like you would Ebay or Amazon. The search for someone to make something bespoke can be time consuming and very costly so why not have a site where you put what you need and the bakers come to you?!
Personally I think the idea is genius and I’m gutted I didn’t think of it myself and I can’t wait to see Top Bake grow.
Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
** This post is written in collaboration with Top Bake, however, all the opinions given in this blog are mine and all the cakes featured are my own creations **


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