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Calling All Foodies – Binkys


For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’d know that nearly every Sunday after Mass, I go to Thirty Six on Belmont Road. I genuinely get the same breakfast (American Pancakes), week in, week out because it’s beautiful!

Photo 19-08-2019, 13 37 56

There are so many amazing shops and restaurants along Belmont Road, so we decided it was time to venture away from Thirty Six. The first place we went to was Binkys.

There are two Binkys in Northern Ireland and it turns out that I’ve been to the one in Dundonald, which serves AMAZING cakes!

Photo 19-08-2019, 14 06 30

Binkys is quite new to the area. I can’t remember what restaurant used to be there but I had been before and had always loved the decor. Binkys has stuck to most of the decor so it’s very bright and pleasing to the eye. Great for photos!

Photo 19-08-2019, 13 29 21

The staff were lovely and attentive from the time we walked in, till we left, which adds to the lovely atmosphere. The prices are really reasonable too.

Photo 19-08-2019, 13 47 19

I went for the omelette, where you can choose three fillings and mum went for the chicken wrap. The fillings I chose were chicken, peppers and onion, plus we got chips on the side. The portions are quite large but I LOVEEEE eggs so I didn’t struggle with finishing it. Mum complained her portion was too big but somehow managed to finish it all so, I think that means she liked it…

Photo 19-08-2019, 14 20 17

I didn’t get dessert this time, but the Strawboffee looked amazing! I’ll definitely be back to sample it.

My ratings are as follows…
Value for money – 8/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Choice (in terms of food) – 8/10
Overall Binkys gets 8.5/10

I love Binkys as a whole and the only reason I haven’t rated it higher is because our food was pretty standard, so, I’d like to go back and try something else. I’ll definitely be back!

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