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Date night for under £20!

Hey guys! As most of you guys know, I LOVE food. I love a cheap outing that includes food even more!
Me and my brother started this thing last summer where we’d go out every week to the cinema and for food and spend as little as possible. We actually became quite good at it! As me and Sean have tried different restaurants in Belfast, I’ve realised that there are quite a few nice places that serve great food at fab prices.
Whether you want ideas for a date night or just want to go out without breaking the bank, here are a few ideas that can mainly be used in Sheffield and Belfast.

1. 2 for 1 cinema tickets
If you buy from Compare The Market, you get meerkat movies which means you can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets across various cinemas such as Odeon and Cineworld on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
The great thing about these days is that you can find tickets in England as low as £5 and in Belfast as low as £3.50 meaning it can cost each of you as low as £1.75!
I got my Meerkat movies by buying travel insurance. You can buy cover for a day pretending you’re going to a city near you and claim (you’re welcome) which is great!
2. Places to eat in Belfast 

There are many places in Belfast that offer early bird menus like Kitch (click on the hyper link to see my review) who offer a two people dine for £20 menu.

Another place I recently tried was Tao which is a noodle bar on Dublin road (right across a meerkat movies cinema) and as a person who LOVES Chinese food, I’d highly recommend it. We ordered two meals with noodles and had some Jasmine tea all for £18! I was really shocked due to the fact that the portions were so big. The service could have been better but over all, for the cute date night type of atmosphere, I really wouldn’t complain!
For those of you that are on O2 and have O2 priorities, there’s a current offer on with Pizza Express where you can get a pizza for £5!
3. Places to eat in Sheffield

One of my all time favourite places to eat in England is Revolution (Vodka Revolution or Revolution De Cuba both just off West Street in town) which sell a discount card for about £3 that can be used to get cheaper drinks at certain times of the day and cheaper food on Mondays and Wednesdays. Vodka Revs has the best sweet potato fries I think I’ve ever tried! Their chicken Burritos, mother clucker, Nutella fluffwitch (as pictured above) and chocolate brownies are definitely favourites too! On average, you can get two courses for about £12 each and if you get one of the share meals that can go down to about £7!
Another favourite of mine is Istanbul which is a Turkish restaurant also on West Street. They offer everything from chicken and rice to mixed kebab platters and drinks which are to die for and start as low as £5 including drinks! Istanbul isn’t the most romantic place but the atmosphere is nice, the food is great and the price is even better!

As mentioned above, you can also go to Pizza Express in the city centre, in Meadowhall and also one where Cineworld is in Carbrook.
Going out for food and the cinema or even other activities such as bowling doesn’t have to be expensive. Most places have offers on during the week to entice people to go out and most places offer student discounts which can make all the difference money wise. Depending on where you live, you can go out for under £20 all together, never mind £20 each so I hope I’ve saved you a few pennies!

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