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A Day In The Life – CF Marketing

Ever since I was in school I’ve juggled many occupations which was confusing when people asked. It was so bad I actually wrote a blog a few years back What Is My Actual Job. 5 years later, I think it’s time for part two!

As you’re reading this on my blog, it’s safe to say I’m still a blogger. Exciting news though, it’s now one of my main sources of income! Very weird writing this because I started this blog as an outlet,  somewhere to give advice and talk about life growing up with a mix of cultures. It’s really weird writing this and reading it back as that’s exactly what I still do except some people now pay me to share that and other bits of information like where I like to eat (haha to those of you that laughed at me for taking pictures of my food) and the products I’d recommend.

Ultimately, I try and keep my content as genuine as possible by working with brands that share the same core values as me. I want them to care about what they do and have a little character behind them. The brands I have worked with have ranged from small businesses to global brands. I create a variety of content from static to videos. Once In a while, I get to chuck in a little recipe/product development as well as some food styling in there too. I never used to think I was creative, but I see it more and more each day that you don’t have to be an artist to be classed as a creative. For example, I’m really good at spotting places to take pictures, knowing how to work with lighting and what angles to take both for people and food/objects. It’s all pretty much self-taught and I shoot everything on an iPhone!

Over the years, building my creative skills has also allowed me to specialise in personal branding which is now something I help others with too – the best part is that I get to do it from anywhere in the world which has always been a dream of mine! I got a little taste of the digital nomad life a few months ago which was beyond amazing and I’m so excited to preparing for my next trip away in a few weeks.

That leads us on to my second occupation which was a bi-product of my blog. After my second redundancy in two years, I realised that the short-term projects I was getting through the blog could turn into long term relationships. CF Marketing offers consulting services from coaching to strategy formation, social media management and content creation, creative services such as branding video editing, website designs and more.

With CF Marketing being an extension of the blog work I do, I wanted the general ethos to be the same. Me and my team are based around the world, work on different projects and have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Open communication is really important to me so there is a massive focus on mental health (good and bad), focusing on work that makes us happy and supporting businesses (small and local) that make a difference. We believe brands need to have a personality so it isn’t about acting corporate. We aren’t corporate and will never be but we are a group of extremely talented people who have used the pandemic to grow and shape the type of business we’ve always wanted to be a part of but weren’t lucky enough to find in the past.

As part of CF Marketing, we also source and manage VA’s (virtual assistants) who are trained by myself and the team too. For those of you that don’t know what a virtual assistant is, it is basically someone that provides support from a remote location. The skill set varies because each client we have has different needs so no two packages across the board of CF Marketing will be the same. I have to admit, it’s been quite the learning curve managing the team, growing the business and finding my feet!

Aside from the blog and marketing consultancy, I still bake however it’s currently just for fun. Whilst I want to travel, I’ve put Mostly Muffins (freshly baked goods) and Nyina (baking mixes) to one side. In all honesty, I knew I wanted to take a break but a part of me felt so guilty mainly because Nyina was started after my first redundancy and gave me the biggest lifeline when I was so lost and I started to focus on Mostly Muffins again last year during the first lockdown when I was furloughed and went through a seriously rough time mentally.

I somehow convinced myself that by not doing it all, I was letting people down and proving that I couldn’t do it all when in reality, getting the strength to put those businesses to one side has shown me just how strong and focused I am. As I said, for many years, I have managed multiple businesses – work has been a coping mechanism and that hasn’t been healthy for me.

Right now, building a life by design is what’s most important for me and that means allowing myself time to rest and knowing how best to build businesses that will one day soon run themselves whilst I get to enjoy my life right now. I was never going to do that juggling four businesses at once, whereas now I’m taking a break, I can still work on my mixes/baking,  make a plan of how I’ll get to my dessert bar and also how those businesses will be supported by the other work I currently do. I’m working smart and hard now so that when I’m ready to settle down and have kids, I’ll do it on my own terms and have it all!

I’m so grateful to everyone that’s supported me over the years and for the workplaces that frustrated me because if it wasn’t for those pushes, I wouldn’t have the freedom or joy I currently do. I still get stressed and work stupid hours some weeks, but I also get to enjoy the little things in life and most exciting of all, I know that when my niece arrives, I’ll be able to spend as much time as I want with her, I’ll be able to see Sean for as long as I want and I have my home and parents waiting for me. Once the world feels safer, I’ll even venture out a little further!

If you’d like to know a little more about what I do or would like mine and my teams assistant, feel free to reach out! You can also see more via Chikumo Fiseko.

**Some of the brands we have worked with include Stasoffro, B&M Bargains, Mash Direct, The Hair Fuel, Better Tights, The Mango Girl, Black Ballad UK and many more!**

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